Gemini Art Group is an all-female collective of visual artists brought together by a shared passion for creativity and a commitment to mutual support. Spanning diverse artistic disciplines and styles, each woman contributes her own distinct perspective to the collective tapestry. 

GAG is a vital support network that enables its members to confront challenges collectively, and go far further that they could alone. The nurturing ecosystem they are creating not only enriches the individual practices of its members, but also fosters an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive. 

Artists of GAG
Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack

Dyveke is a contemporary, multidisciplinary artist working in various mediums, with her specialty ...

Sandra Gruescu

Sandra is a German-British handweaver and painter. Her painted works can be realistic or abstract, but ...

Joanna Mugford

Joanna is a Polish painter and illustrator using both digital and traditional techniques. Her art is ...

Sit on me. Sandra Gruescu
Lotta Wrap Riding Hood. Joanna Mugford (Mugaska)
Geoffrey the Beekeeper, Joanna Mugford (Mugaska)
Malina / the moon's sister. Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack ​
Cyclists of Copenhagen. Joanna Mugford (Mugaska)
Krokbragd rug, Sandra Gruescu
Tupilak. Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack ​
Ulittarneq tinittarnerlu (Tides), Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack
I only need you, Sandra Gruescu
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Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack


Sandra Gruescu


Joanna (Aska) Mugford